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Please see this page for complete information on the player registration process


In general, teams in the OYSA are registered to participate in the Lorain County Soccer League (LCSL). Occasionally, teams are registered in other leagues such as the American Amateur Soccer League (AASL).

As the name suggests, the LCSL consists mostly of teams from communities within Lorain County, OH. Parents should expect to travel (mostly on weekends, but occasionally on a weeknight) to any these communities:

  • Oberlin
  • Elyria
  • Grafton
  • Edison
  • Lorain
  • Vermilion
  • LaGrange
  • Columbia Station
  • Sheffield


A season consists of a spring and fall session. Each session consists of around eight games. We try to only play one game a week, but sometimes conflicts (weather, schedule) force us to play multiple games per week. The spring session runs from mid April to mid June, and the fall session runs from mid August to mid October. Practice schedules are at the coach's discretion, but most teams practice twice a week - especially as the kids get into the older age groups. Practices usually start one to two weeks before the first game of the session.


Children must have shin guards, shorts and a comfortable shirt for ALL practices and full uniforms for games (i.e. socks, shorts, and jersey). Shoes can be soccer cleats, turf shoes or flats. The latter is better for very dry conditions where the ground is hard.

No jewelry of any kind (earrings, watches, necklaces, etc.) may be worn during games or practices.

Games are often played in challenging weather conditions. It is recommended to dress in layers that can be added or removed as necessary. Clothing such as sweatshirts and sweatpants can be worn underneath uniforms, but uniforms must remain on top of all other clothing when a player is on the field during games.