For Parents

General Information

Your coach should contact you and provide a practice schedule as well as a schedule for the games and directions to the games in early August for the fall season and some time in April for the spring season. Please remember to tell them when your child won't be at a practice of game. 

Children must have shin guards, shorts and a comfortable shirt for ALL practices and full uniforms for games i.e. socks, shorts, and jersey.  Shoes can be soccer cleats, turf shoes or flats. The latter is better for very dry conditions where the ground is hard. 

Earrings can not be worn during games. Please plan accordingly.  

Cold weather attire:  Sweatshirts and sweatpants can be worn underneath their uniforms. 

Goalie uniforms are not provided by the association but goalies must be distinguishable from the other players. You can provide a different shirt or the coach will most likely have them wear a pinnie.   


If you are interested in getting your child involved or having them continue to be involved, you must register every year.  Registrations completed by July 1st will get first priority and are generally guaranteed a spot on a team. 

Late registrations are accepted but we will have already committed a certain number of teams and assigned coaches by August 1st. Therefore, if those teams are full, your child may need to wait until the following season to play in any games. In those cases, we hope that your child will still be interested in practicing with the appropriate age group until we can create a team or roster spot for them.


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Jul 20, 2017, 9:12 AM